The Humble Rubber Band- An Unsung Hero

While way back in 1875 rubber bands were invented to hold envelopes together, the use of the humble rubber band has evolved over time to become essential to many industries. It would also be unlikely to find a household without a stash of the stretchy stationery with a sneaky stray often known to take permanent residence under couch pillows. They slink on into the house disguised by a beautiful arrangement of florals or the Saturday morning paper, and then magically multiple until you have so many that they begin to accrue in your Mary Poppins drawer (everyone has that drawer of stuff, right?). Well before you clean out that drawer and sacrilegiously throw them out, first consider all the possible uses for the little helpers that you might not have thought of.

Tips and Tricks
  • If you send your little tyke to school with an apple, the likely story is you’ll find it in the lunchbox the next day. After being sliced oxygen makes it look brown and unappealing by recess. Rather than covering it in cling wrap, slice the apple into eighths and take the core out. Next, place the apple back together again, secure it with a rubber band and place it in the lunch box. That way it is likely to be in contact with less oxygen and stay fresh until fruit break.
  • Are you the family member who uses the fancy ribbon at Christmas that puts everyone else’s wrapping skills to shame? The likelihood is that the ribbon gets thrown in the craft box and left to get tangled until next year. Save your future self the trouble and just pop an elastic band around the ribbon spool to keep it secure.
  • Put on a few sneaky pudding kilos over the holiday period? Don’t fret because the rubber band will save you and your favourite pair of skinny jeans. Simply thread the elastic band over the button, through the buttonhole and then back over the button again. Comfort at its best!
  • In the event of a garage sale or even losing your precious budgie, pop up your street signage with the help of a humble rubber band and its good mate, the paper clip. Thread one end through the paper clip, wrap the rubber band around the pole and secure on to the other end of the paper clip. Then just slide your sign under the rubber band and voila!
  • Do you go through an exorbitant amount of shampoo and conditioner because your kids don’t understand the 20-cent piece rule? Give them a little bit of guidance with the help of a rubber band. Just wrap one around the base of the bottles pump to assist them with portion control.
  • Finally, save yourself the trouble of the chopping board slipping around and chuck some rubber bands around the corners. It is much more secure and great for younger ones that are just starting to learn how to juggle a sharp knife.
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