Bounce Bang Marketing Package

Partner with Bounce Rubber Bands and use the Bounce Bang Marketing Package to increase sales, reward customers and feel good
Bounce Bang Marketing Package will help your company Increase Sales, Create Excitement, Reward Customers and Feel Good. Partner with Bounce Rubber Bands.

Bounce Bang celebrates our brand ‘Bounce Rubber Bands’ and our Social Responsibility initiative ‘Bounce Back’

We’re giving your company the opportunity to increase sales, create excitement and reward your customers all whilst working with our social responsibility program.

Reward Customers by giving them the chance to Win a trip to Thailand and Feel Good in supporting our Bounce Back Social Responsibility Program.

Bounce Rubber Bands will create the Marketing Package for you to display instore and put into your deliveries to help increase customer awareness about the promotion and also increase sales. 

The Bounce Bang Marketing package consists of:

A1 x 2
A3 x 2
DL x 250

Please also upload your logo in vector format and we will add your logo to the marketing package.

    A1 x 2A3 x 2DL x 250Digital