Bounce Rubber Bands has had a Makeover

It’s a new year and a new us! About a year ago, we began the process of redesigning our brand Bounce Rubber Bands®. We wanted our product and brand to stand out in the eyes of consumers and be memorable alongside the rest of the rubber band packaging in the market. We wanted something bright and fresh and knew that a change was needed to ensure that we were the first brand that was thought of when somebody mentioned the words Rubber Bands. Our goal with the re-brand was to turn something every day into something new and interesting. It was all about innovating our brand to help with organic growth that would ultimately increase demand and drive sales both for us and our resellers.

What is Rubber without a little Bounce? Originally, we chose the symbol of the kangaroo to reflect our proud Australian owned and operated the company and it seemed obvious to us that the word Bounce and the kangaroo was the perfect match! First to take the plunge into redesign was our logo – we replaced our original kangaroo with a roo that is unique and colourful. The traditional forest green and yellow colours were switched to a lime green and grey with the intentions that it would provide the brand with a contemporary and striking look.bounce-rubber-bands_natural_rubber-bands_500g_100g_bags_boxes_packaging_rebrand_Australian-owned

The colour green is symbolic of life, renewal, nature, environment and energy. Bounce Rubber Bands® are made of sustainably sourced natural rubber from Thailand (you can read more about how our rubber bands are made here) and since our re-brand, we have been sure to incorporate sustainability into our business operations where we can. As of current, we have gained Eco-Specifier accreditation (you can read more about that here) and we are working towards a number of other sustainable initiatives including the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-I) accreditation.

Our 100g boxes and 500g bag packaging have been the last to undergo the makeover. Our new 500g bags have been circulating since November 2017 and our 100g boxes are due to be circulating after our next shipment in mid-March. For your viewing, please see below some images of our brand transformation.

Bounce Rubber Bands® takes great pride in its products, service levels and our commitment to client satisfaction. We offer industry best pricing and work with reputable distributors around Australia and internationally. If you have any questions or expressions of interest in becoming one of our reputable re-sellers, please contact Bounce Rubber Bands® today!