Bounce Rubber Bands – The Unsung Hero of Hero Sushi

Did you know the often over looked rubber band has long been an essential instrument in the sale of sushi all over the world? Bounce Rubber Bands has been used throughout the hospitality packaging industry for many years now and we are happy to announce our recent partnership with Hero Sushi to help bring you your sushi goodness!


Sashimi Nigiri, Tempura, Inari, Takoyaki, and the iconic Californian Roll – there is no denying that sushi, the traditional Japanese cuisine, has become a worldwide sensation. Traditionally made with vinegared rice and fermented fish, sushi is believed to have reached Australia in the 1980’s as a result of Japanese immigration. Since its introduction into the Australian cuisine there has been increasingly more versions of sushi being created and conceptualized to fit the taste of its new consumers. We now see sushi being prepared with the likes of both raw and cooked fish, chicken, beef, prawns, seaweed, egg, tofu and avocado, to name a few. Sushi is a quick, healthy and tasty snack that can be enjoyed in restaurants or on-the go!

Not only are rubber bands used to help in the packaging of your sushi so you can eat on on-the-go, but they have been known to be used in restaurants to assist those not-so-skilled chopstick users. For all those new to the world of sushi or for those who still haven’t mastered the art of the chopsticks, here is a little trick that will help you demolish your delicious sushi. All you need is the rubber band that secures your sushi tray, the restaurant chopsticks and the chopstick wrapper.

Follow these simple steps and watch the video below to learn the tricks of the sushi trade:

Take the bottom of your sushi packet, tear off the bottom and gently remove your chopsticks without ripping too much of the paper packaging. Next, unwrap the rubber band from around your sushi tray and lay out your materials.

Separate the chopsticks from one another by pulling outwards gently on them both.

Using your paper packaging, roll the paper into a tight cylinder shape (around the size of a pencil).

Place the rolled paper between the chopsticks and wrap the rubber band around to secure its positioning. Place majority of the band on the end so that the chopsticks remain open.

Slide the paper and rubber band up and down the chopsticks until you find a position that is comfortable for you.
To use, grip the top chopstick like you would a pen or pencil and place your thumb over the two chopsticks. The bottom chopstick should sit just beneath the thumb and over the middle finger.


Hero Sushi has 23 stores in NSW, 7 stores in QLD and 2 in ACT. Go online here to check out Hero Sushi’s yummy menu and locate your nearest store!

Bounce Rubber Bands takes great pride in its products, service levels and our commitment to client satisfaction. We offer industry best pricing and work with reputable  distributors around Australia and internationally. If you would like to get in contact with us you can do so here.