Oxo-biodegradable packaging – an ecofriendly alternative

As of June 2019, Bounce Rubber Bands will be phasing in biodegradable plastic packaging for our 500-gram rubber band range. Plastic is a very controversial subject in this day of age. While plastic packaging serves a variety of essential functions in the modern world, there is also the unwavering knowledge of what plastic is doing to our environment – in particular, our oceans. Getting rid of plastics altogether is not likely to happen, therefore the only solution to our plastic problems is to appropriately manage the way we use and dispose of our rubbish.

The versatility of plastics come from its ability to be moulded, its durability, its hygienic properties and its lightweight structure. For these very reasons, Bounce Rubber Bands® has chosen to use plastic packaging to house our 500-gram rubber bands. However, from June 2019 all Bounce Rubber Bands® 500-gram bags will be made with d2w, making them both recyclable and oxo-biodegradable.

How does Oxo-biodegradable plastic work?

Oxo-biodegradable plastic has the same properties as our original plastic packaging but with the addition of a pro-degradant additive. The additive is introduced during manufacturing and helps to break the molecular chains in the polymer, and at the end of its useful life, the product degrades via oxidisation (Symphony Environmental, 2019). The d2w additive can control and reduce the lifespan of the plastic, therefore, making it more acceptable than conventional plastic.

There is absolutely no change in the performance and visual properties of the plastic after the addition of d2w. It is suggested that the plastic should be RE-USED and RECYCLED in the same way a conventional plastic bag would – composting is the very last resort.


What can you do to dispose of plastic responsibly?

The REDcycle is an Australian program that allows consumers to drop off soft plastics at their local supermarkets for processing. The ultimate goal is to keep plastic bags and packaging from going to landfill. The soft plastic is collected, processed and transformed into a range of recycled-plastic products, such as fitness circuits, school furniture, outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.

Any soft plastics that can be scrunched into a ball with your hand (which includes Bounce Rubber Bands packaging) can be placed in the REDcycle bin. Because Bounce Rubber Band packaging is made with d2w and has oxo-biodegradable properties, as opposed to hydro-compostable bags, it can be recycled alongside conventional plastics. REDcycle bins are typically located near the checkout of your supermarket. Please check out REDcycle for more information on soft plastic disposal.

Bounce Rubber Bands® takes great pride in their products, service levels and commitment to client satisfaction. We are continually striving for new ways to be more sustainable and provide an ethical product to our customers. In 2018 we were awarded the Excellence in Sustainability Award at our local Business Excellence Awards, and in coming years we will continue to work towards sustainability as the business grows and as the technology develops.

If you have any questions about our company or expressions of interest in becoming one of our reputable re-sellers, please Contact Bounce Rubber Bands® today.