Bounce Rubber Bands® is proud to take steps towards sustainability within our business dealings. Bounce Rubber Bands® source high-quality natural rubber from Thailand where it is commercially produced in plantations. Bounce Rubber Bands® are made from a natural and renewable resource, making our product sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sustainable Production

Rubber trees reach maturity at 6 years of age and have 24-25 years of productive life. The sap used for rubber bands is harvested sustainably using a process called “tapping”, which causes no harm to the trees. At the end of productive life, the tree is used for furniture and other timber products, and new trees are planted.


Bounce Rubber Bands® make regular visits to Thailand to ensure that our suppliers are following basic Australian working and environmental standards. We work closely with suppliers to ensure we are providing an ethical product to our consumers. We are also liaising with our suppliers to have all our packaging biodegradable by 2020.

GECA Claim Authentication

With our GECA Authenticated Claim, customers can be certain that “the rubber used in our rubber bands is derived from natural rubber trees”.

GECA is a purpose-driven, not-for-profit organisation that provides solutions for sustainable consumption and production. GECA has developed its own standards, following ISO14024 principles and ISEAL frameworks for global best practice in eco-labelling. This is then independently assessed by their Assurance Providers. GECA empowers buyers to have confidence in their purchasing decisions as part of their quest for a sustainable future.

Eco Specifier 

Ecospecifier global - bounce rubber bands - ecofriendly- sustainable rubber bands - natural rubber bands -

EcoSpecifier Global is an international ecological product and services, third-party auditor. Under the EcoSpecifier framework, Bounce Rubber Bands® satisfied basic criteria under multiple categories including corporate responsibility, habitat and biodiversity, conservation and resource depletion management.

Social Responsibility 

Our ‘Bounce Back’ program is a social responsibility initiative aimed at giving back to the two countries that have helped Bounce Rubber Bands® grow and exceed. Each financial year we donate a percentage per bag sold to charities of our choice. For more details visit –

Sustainability Awards

In 2018, Bounce Rubber Bands® were recognised for our sustainability efforts and awarded Excellence in Sustainability at the 2018 Regional Business Excellence Awards.

Packaging & Disposal

The REDcycle is an Australian program that allows consumers to drop off soft plastics at their local supermarkets for processing. The ultimate goal is to keep plastic bags and packaging from going to landfill. Any soft plastics that can be scrunched into a ball with your hand (which includes Bounce Rubber Bands packaging) can be placed in the REDcycle bin. Bounce Rubber Bands® cardboard boxes can be composted or recycled, and the rubber bands themselves can be re-used until broken. Once the rubber band can no longer be used, it can be placed loosely in your council bin to be taken to landfill to biodegarde. Very thin rubber products, such as rubber bands will degrade naturally especially if they are subjected to natural sunlight. Although there have been limited studies into the time it takes for rubber bands to deteriorate, the high percentage of natural components in the bands should see it possible to compost. Please compost at your own discretion.

Rubber Band Life Cycle