Rubber Band Dress by Margarita Mileva


Margarita Mileva architect and artist created the Rubber Band Dress, inspired by Paul Klee and Bauhaus for WEAR IS ART, Berlin.  Margarita used 4kg or approximately
14 325 rubber bands to create the stunning masterpiece which consisted of different rubber band colours and rubber band sizes.

Margarita says, “Being a practiced architect I always had an interest in Klee’s work, not only for the colours that he uses, but also for his more analytic approach, and geometrical shapes.”

Bauhaus is the most influential design and theoretical movement, which laid the foundation for Margarita’s understanding and practicing of art and architecture. The Bauhaus was founded with the idea of creating a ‘total’ work of art in which all arts, including architecture would eventually be brought together, and exactly this approach inspired my creative process. Drawings, lines, colours, texture, architecture, structure, dance, textile all are interweaved together, and with RB Dress which was submitted to Wear Is Art Margarita was trying to recreate the Bauhaus’ spirit using contemporary materials.

This is not the first time we have featured Margarita’s stunning  work. Recently we shared the beautiful Wedding Rubber Band Bouquet.

Images by Warren Chow (NY) and the model is Anastaiya Kizima (NY).
Images used with permission by Margarita Mileva