Giant Rubber Band Ball – What happens when dropped from a 45m tower?

Earlier this year, How Ridiculous came to us with the crazy idea of making a YouTube video of throwing a GIANT rubber band ball off a 45m tower. While possibly ludicrous, Bounce Rubber Bands jumped (more like bounced) at the opportunity to collaborate on this fun yet massive task.

How Ridiculous is a friendly, high energy, team of three Aussie guys from Western Australia. In 2009, they began attempting impossible basketball trick-shots around the world, including a 200m waterfall in Africa and a 180m Damn in Switzerland. Their adventures soon developed into an extremely successful, boundary-pushing YouTube channel. Over time, How Ridiculous has built a Youtube fan base of 5.8 million subscribers and over 300,000 Instagram followers. With all this in mind, we couldn’t wait to see Bounce Rubber Band’s featured in one of their awesome videos.

With a mountain of Bounce Rubber Bands arriving to their studio, How Ridiculous went to work in creating the giant rubber band ball. The team ended up creating six balls, with each ball increasing in size. While the exact amount of rubber bands used to create the final monster ball is unknown, the giant rubber band ball weighed a whopping 44kgs.

We are so glad that our quality rubber bands could be a part of such a fun experiment! We don’t want to spoil it for you, but we think you’ll be surprised by the result of the video. Also, look out for the sneaky visit from the Bounce Rubber Bands mascot!

We’d love it if you could give the video a thumbs up…you’ll see why towards the end!


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